Font Zillion FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Font Zillion?

Font Zillion is your source for just about every free font ever made! We’ve scoured the web and dug deep into every corner to find as many freely available fonts that we could. Now that we’ve assembled our collection, we’re ready to make it available to you.

2. Are these fonts actually free?

To the best of our knowledge, yes. Many of these fonts are available on other free font sites, so we’re not the only ones who have them up for free. If we’re wrong about a specific font, we’d love to know.

3. How am I allowed to use these fonts?

Many of the font on our site are free for personal use only, meaning they can be used on any project as long as you’re not making a profit from it or if you’re not a business making a profit.

Other fonts allow both personal and commercial use. It will be clear on the font page whether or not you’re allowed to use the font on a commercial project.

4. How can I contact you?

We welcome any feedback you may have:

Due to the high volume of submissions we get, we can’t guarantee a response.