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Installing Fonts

Installing fonts can sometimes be a pain. Where are you supposed to put the files? How do you get them to show up in your programs? Where do you look for help?

Our friends at Fontspring have put together some helpful guides on installing fonts for both Windows and Mac:
Installing fonts in Windows
Installing fonts in Mac

Font Indentification

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place you could upload an image of a font and find out what font it is? Well today is your lucky day, because it already exists!

The Font Identifier from Font Squirrel can match a ton of fonts, simply by uploading an image. If it can’t find an exact match, it’ll give the closest options.

Check it out here:
Font Identifier at Font Squirrel

Generating Web Fonts

If you need to generate web fonts for a website you’re building, we’d recommend using the Web Font Generator from Font Squirrel. It’s easy and quick to go from desktop font (OTF or TTF) to web font files that are installable on your site. Included in the download kits are helpful CSS files and a demo HTML file to make sure your fonts are working right.

Check it out here:
Web Font Generator at Font Squirrel